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Sample our best selling serums for face and hair.


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An ultra-hydrating serum for glowing skin + healthy hair.

Our #1 best selling, glow-inducing plum serum instantly hydrates parched, dry skin, chapped lips and damaged hair. Sustainably up-cycled from the kernel of the French Ente plum, this vegan, MADE SAFE® certified beauty oil is a completely waterless blend of four organic, food grade seed oils. Use this day and night for mega rejuvenation of even the most sensitive skin types.

Hallie L.   Verified Buyer


I loved this serum! It leaves my skin dewy, soft and even. I use it as part of my skincare routine twice a day.

Kiva H.  Verified Buyer  


I love these samples so much that I’m going to buy the bigger size!! As soon as I saw that I had a blemish, I put the tea seed elixir on my face and it was literally gone the next day! The tea seed elixir is definitely my go to!

Jenny H.  Verified Buyer  


I've been trying out different types of face oils as part of my evening skin routine, and these are favorites. Both smell amazing and my skin feels soft but not too greasy after using.

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Sample a polishing scrub powered by a high-antioxidant Peruvian superfood.

*Only 1 sample per order*


If your skin has hit a rough patch, it's time for Purple Corn Grains. Unlike most exfoliators, this cleansing face scrub gently buffs away flakiness and dry patches. Your skin is polished to glowing perfection sans the planet-polluting micro beads. The vibrant purple hue also means it’s packed with wrinkle-fighting antioxidants that leaves skin silky smooth for days.


Sample comes with 1 TSP spoon + 1 time use of Purple Corn Grains.

Ashley R.  Verified Buyer  


My skin has never felt so soft and rejuvenated as it has after using this. Immediately bought more after I tried it.

Autumn A.  Verified Buyer  


I love love love the tea seed oil as well as the plum elixir! Among products and such a great company :)

Jocelyn H.  Verified Buyer  


Makes my skin feel so smooth and clean for days afterwards! Also great to scrub off dead skin on chapped lips!

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Sample clean, green masking magic for a fresh-faced glow.

*Only 1 sample per order*


Like a matcha latte, but for your face. Just add water and voila – major Green Tea detoxification. This super-cool, chlorophyll paste minimizes pores and blemishes to near nothingness, leaving skin instantly clearer, brighter and smoother. You'll see glowing results after just one use. And that makes us happy.

Asia T.  Verified Buyer  


I loved it so much, I did a review video on my instagram if anyone wants to check it out.

Ashley R.    Verified Buyer  


I enjoy the results very much. I’ve only used it once so far, followed by the plum elixir and my face was glowing! Love the ingredients. It does make your face smell like a plant while it’s on, I didn’t mind at all but it could bother some.

Kendra P.  Verified Buyer  


I really enjoyed this mask for so many reasons. When mixed with just water, it decongested my pores and helped dry up my PCOS related cystic acne. When I mixed it with sweet almond oil (note: it won’t dry down as it’s oil), it helped give me a bright and clearer complexion, while the sweet almond oil helped give my skin a boost of moisturization.

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" The organic ingredients create a farm-to-table experience, only for your face rather than your plate. "




" Editor-approved… to make your skin feel so soft — and smell so sweet. "