Blue Cornflower Water

$38.00 | 4.2oz


Micellar water reinvented. A face toner and potent eye-depuffer to calm, cleanse and hydrate.

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$38.00 | 4.2oz

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Meet our thoroughly modern micellar water. We banished plain, dilutive H2O in favor of a new star ingredient: Blue Cornflower Water, a must have for sensitive skin. A hydrosol distilled from the wild, delicate flowers that bloom between May and July, Blue Cornflower Water is stellar for treating minor wounds or sensitive skin. If you’re prone to waking up with puffy eyes (hello, most of the modern, sleep-deprived world), you’ll love how this ultra-light liquid remedies that situation. Through a mix of Chamomile and Witch Hazel, it tones, calms and restores silky softness. Bonus: Malachite Extract helps ward off the skin-damaging effects of daily stress and is even a post-sun soother, paving the way for your best-ever complexion. You’ll love your calm, even-toned skin and sparkly, refreshed, Bambi eyes.

To cleanse and tone day or night, apply to cotton pad and wipe skin gently. To tone, splash on, avoiding eyes. To de-puff eyes and deflate pesky bags, moisten two cotton pads, place on eyes and sit back for 10 minutes. For extra-sensitive skin or next-level eye de-puffing and redness reducing, put moist pads in the freezer for 30 seconds and then apply, or store BLUE CORNFLOWER WATER in refrigerator. Never dilute by adding tap or bottled water directly into bottle. Only blend with a LOLI approved MIX-IN (Essence, Extract, Oil, Water, Juice or Vinegar).

  1. Quick + Easy Blend (Makes one serving): In a small bowl, add 1 TBS of BLUE CORNFLOWER WATER + 3-4 drops of a MIX-IN Extract, Essence or Oil. If using 2 MIX-INS, use 2 drops each. If using 3 MIX-INS, use 1 drop each. Stir and dunk cotton pad in bowl. Wipe skin gently. If applying to eyes, place over eyelids, sit back for 10 minutes. Avoid splashing liquid directly into eyes. Discard leftovers.
  2. Choose a LOLI MIX-IN Essence, Extract, Oil, Water, Vinegar or Juice. Add a total of 140 drops (½-1 TBS) to the BLUE CORNFLOWER WATER bottle. Screw on cap and shake well before each use.
  3. Get creative and BIY to make a treatment mask. In a small bowl, combine 2 Tsp of MATCHA COCONUT PASTE + 2 Tsp of BLUE CORNFLOWER. Follow ‘Quick & Easy’ recipe here. For a gentle scrub, measure 2 Tsp of PURPLE CORN GRAINS + 2 Tsp BLUE CORNFLOWER WATER. Follow ‘Quick & Easy’ recipe above.

Note:  Our mini dropper bottle is equal to 140 drops (approximately 1 4/5 Tsp). If combining two MIX-INS, use 70 drops each. To BIY with 3 MIX-INS,  use 45 drops each. 


I'm convinced it's a miracle… it's totally changed my skin! How can I order more? I can't imagine living without it as part of my routine

- Tiffany

I love my LOLI products!

– Jeanie Jarnot, Founder, BEAUTY HEROES

We are so in love with it all! Especially how it's so good for you! Love love love

- Abby

I haven't done DIY skincare before LOLI, but am excited about it and need the whole gamut from washes to lotions. is it possible to buy more…

- Kim

I have noticed that my skin feels revived and youthful immediately after I use the mask and oils… my skin has a lovely glow and ageless quality!!! I highly recommend this product.

- Dr. Gabrielle Francis, Chiropractor, Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist

WOW! Truth be told, at first I wasn’t buying it. I’m a “on the go” pitta type who doesn’t have time to take time to blend, but I’m hooked.

- Brad, A Skincare Brand Owner

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