Frequently Asked Questions

Our Ingredients

From where does LOLI™ source ingredients?

We source directly from the best global farms and local artisanal purveyors to ensure our ingredients are pure and natural. We buy fair trade and organic whenever possible.

Are LOLI products safe?

Yes. Our products are independently and scientifically certified MADE SAFE®. Click here to learn more.

How were LOLI's recipes developed?

Our recipes are time-tested and developed through our founder Tina Hedges’ professional experience in the beauty industry and her personal generational beauty rituals. We also work with experts in aromatherapy, dermatology and beauty research and development to ensure quality and effectiveness. As everyone is unique and our ingredients are naturally potent, individual results may vary.

WARNING: We occasionally use essential oils, nut, bee, and sea-derived ingredients so please consult your Physician prior to using if you are pregnant, have allergies, a medical condition or have any questions or concerns.

Are LOLI™ ingredients hypo-allergenic / natural or organic?

Our products are upcycled from food, garden, farm and sea. In most cases they’re fair trade, USDA or EcoCert certified, food grade, vegan, kosher, non-GMO and contain no synthetics or chemicals.

While we can guarantee that all of our ingredients are 100-percent natural with no added phthalates, parabens, preservatives, sulfates or triclosan, we cannot guarantee that all of the products featured in the LOLI™ beauty parcel will be 100-percent organic and hypoallergenic. We occasionally use essential oils and nut, bee and sea-derived ingredients. If you are pregnant, have a medical condition, allergies or would like to avoid certain ingredients, we do not recommend LOLI™ for you. Please consult your physician prior to use if you have any questions or concerns.

We do not test our raw ingredients, as we are not altering them. However, we do have independent testing and certification from some of our suppliers, unless they’re local artisanal purveyors.

Orders & Delivery

How can I get free shipping?

LOLI offers free shipping for orders that are over $50 (after applied discounts, before tax).

What charges and fees apply?

Your card is charged the day your LOLI™ products are scheduled to ship. If you’re a resident of New York or New Jersey, state taxes will apply.

How do I cancel an order?

Our orders are fulfilled within 24 hours of when your order is placed, meaning it is likely your order is on its way. You can always email if you would like us to look into canceling the order for you. We do accept refunds, outlined in our Refund Policy.

How does LOLI's shipping work?

Orders that are over $50 (after applied discounts, before taxes) are eligible for free shipping. Otherwise, standard USPS shipping costs $6.95 and usually arrives within 5 business days. If you're hoping to receive your package faster, you can select UPS 2 Day Air or UPS Next Day Air at checkout. UPS 2 Day Air shipping can arrive within 2 business days as early as 10:30am local time, whereas UPS Next Day Air will arrive within 1 day as early as 3:00pm local time. The fees associated with these shipping options vary by package weight and shipment destination. To guarantee the UPS delivery time, your order must be placed by 12pm EST. Orders received on Friday after 12pm EST will be shipped out the following Monday. If you want to learn more about UPS 2 Day Air or UPS Next Day Air, please click on the hyperlinked articles.

Can I return, exchange, or receive a refund for my LOLI item?

Please see our Return Policy. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

Where do you ship?

Possible shipment destinations vary by shipping option. If you're using LOLI's standard USPS shipping (usually arrives within 5 business days), your order can be shipped to anywhere in the U.S. or in U.S. territories. UPS 2nd Day Air (arrives within 2 business days) is available for the United States and Puerto Rico only. UPS Next Day Air (arrives within 1 business day) only ships to the 48 contiguous U.S. states.

What is carbon neutral shipping? How can I get it?

Utilizing a service called, LOLI customers can choose to make their online order "carbon neutral" at checkout. This means that all the carbon emission created from shipping an online order will be eliminated, captured, or otherwise mitigated.

What do I do if my packaging is missing or damaged?

Please contact

Is LOLI's packaging environmentally friendly?

At LOLI™ we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact. Our packaging is made of recycled, recyclable, biodegradable or certified compostable materials. For our product packaging, we use food-grade glass jars and reusable bottles. We avoid silk screening directly onto the glass to make recycling easier, and our removable and compostable labels are made from recycled paper or cardboard. Also, all of our inks are water- or soy-based. For our mail packaging, we rely on compostable bubble bags to protect our products, 100% recyclable cardboard boxes for shipping, and water-activated tape to close the boxes.

How do I properly recycle, reuse, or dispose of my LOLI packaging?

The LOLI™ Beauty Parcel & Shipping Materials: Break down the outer shipping parcel first. Recycle with standard cardboard/paper recycling. The cardboard inserts, paper liners, and water activated tape can be recycled with the box. The bubble bags can be composted at a commercial composting center.

The Bags and Bottles: All our LOLI™ plastic bags are certified compostable. Glass jars and bottles can be cleaned and reused or recycled with plastic or glass recyclables.


General Questions

How Does LOLI™ Work?

You are unique and ever-changing. So are your beauty needs. LOLI empowers you to customize your own skin, body and hair products that work for you—and we make it easy. BIY (Blend It Yourself) with our Living Organic Loving Ingredients, and unbottle a new approach to beauty. Start with a multitasking BASE, choose a MIX-IN or two, stir and apply. Not ready to blend just yet? LOLI’s BASES are ready to use as they are—pure, potent and effective.

Why Is It Called LOLI™?

LOLI™ stands for:

LIVING: We search the globe, gather and blend up only the best raw superfood ingredients up-cycled by fair trade farms or wild harvested by local purveyors. Our products are minimally processed, never diluted or polluted, and deliver potent results.

ORGANIC: We don’t have to give you a long list of what’s not in our products since we only use organic, non-GMO and raw or up-cycled, food-grade ingredients. Everything is ethically cultivated and mindfully made.

LOVING: The loving details are important to us—like the packaging in certified compostable pouches or working with Made In A Free World to help stop people trafficking. Mindfulness is more than a manifesto, it’s what we live by.

INGREDIENTS: We eliminate what you don’t need, like 95 percent water, fillers, synthetics, and chemicals. Just pure, potent, superfood ingredients for powerful results. Our ingredients are ethically sourced, hand gathered and carefully measured. We send you only what you need to mix, match and make your own beauty.

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