Beauty can be dirty, but we’re here to clean it up.

It starts with our clean ingredients. Just upcycled, organic superfoods like our newest collaboration with Sumo Citrus®, or our award-winning repurposed oils from the French Ente plum and the Senegalese Dattier du Desert (also known as the date) nut. Our products are scientifically and independently certified MADE SAFE®. Never diluted with water or polluted with toxins or nasties. So pure, potent + powerful, you need less to do more.

“Beauty and how you make it are as important as the products themselves”

– Tina Hedges, Founder of LOLI

The there’s our conscious packaging: recycled, recyclable, refillable and certified garden compostable. Yep. Our labels, cartons + bags are worm food. And we're plastic negative. For every purchase, we clean up to 2 LBS of plastic waste from our planet. The kicker? When you purchase a LOLI Beauty product, we gift you GIVZ credit to donate to the charity of your choice. That’s what we call zero waste beauty.

somewhere inside food is the power to change your skin + the planet.

For some, it’s upcycled. For others, repurposed. For us. It’s imperfectly perfect – the food waste of fruits, vegetables + flowers that also are potent skin care ingredients. That’s where we come in. We sustainably process – cold press, distill + blend – to transform these ingredients into effective concentrated, multipurpose products for your skin, body or hair. Like our juiciest drop ever – our Sumo Citrus® Cleansing Jelly.

something so fresh. so sweet. so enormously powerful.

Zero Waste Beauty™. Never diluted or polluted, always food-grade, fair-trade, organic and ethical. Check out our labels and ask us anything. We never water down the truth.