Stir It Up ™

The inspiration for LOLI or ‘Living Organic Loving Ingredients’, came to me the moment I realized the beauty industry needs to be stirred up. Peel back a beauty label far enough, and you’ll see that it’s lost its connection to what really nourishes us – food – and in its place is a blend of 95% water, preservatives and synthetics.

“I believe beauty is a ritual that begins with you. Take matters into your own hands and let your intuition guide you. When you blend food to make beauty, you make more of yourself. It’s powerful alchemy.””

– Tina Hedges, Founder

But it wasn’t always this way. From Cleopatra to the Arawak Indians of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains (my homeland), powerful beauty remedies began with superfood ingredients, freshly harvested and customized. It’s time to bring this wisdom back. Our products start with the purest, most potent, food-grade ingredients, hand-selected and responsibly sourced. Let your intuition guide you. Blend a beauty ritual all your own. Together let’s ‘stir up beauty’ and make a conscious change.

Stir Up Beauty™

We're on a mission to stir things up and make a conscious change – equal parts ethical, effective and empowering.

Made In A Free World

We are committed to being people-free. We support the stopping of people trafficking and for every purchase of $75 or more we donate $1 to organizations that are making a difference. We also use a software platform to monitor our supply chain.


From our food-grade, glass yogurt jars that can be reused for food storage , to our certified compostable labels, bags and boxes, we are thoughtful in our choices and mindful of both the planet and people.

We Care

Organic Locally Grown Food Grade Earth Friendly No Nasties Vegan People Free
Our ingredients are certified organic or organically cultivated. We’re also a member of the Organic Trade Association and working to define standards for natural beauty.
Impact is important to us. Sometimes it's smarter to support small, local farmers or suppliers who cultivate using organic or wild harvested, pesticide-free practices. They just might not have all the fancy certificates.
Our superfood ingredients are food-grade, ethically cultivated, wild-harvested or upcycled by fair trade farms. We think raw is best, so our products are minimally processed, never diluted or polluted for potent results.
Our ingredients and products are earth-friendly and kind to all creatures—like our certified compostable bags or our reusable glass jars. It’s just how we do things.
We don’t have to give you a long list of what’s not in our products since we only use organic, locally grown, non-GMO, raw or up-cycled food-grade ingredients, ethically cultivated and mindfully made.
Neither our ingredients nor products are tested on animals. When we use organic or locally farmed honey or beeswax, we let you know, too.
We’re committed to the stopping of people trafficking. We’re proud to be the first and only beauty company to be a member of Made In A Free World since you shouldn’t build your happiness on top of someone else’s unhappiness.

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