Plum Elixir

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This Plum serum is about to steal the “miracle oil” spotlight for face and hair. Way more powerful than argan, we added Sea Buckthorn Fruit, “the beauty berry of Asia.”

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$78.00 | 0.81oz

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Massively more powerful (eight times!) than argan, Plum is the new darling of the face oil universe. An antioxidant powerhouse, our exclusive Plum Seed Oil, with the help of two other oils (Pomegranate and Tea Seed), turns back the hands of time. For a dash of vitamins and minerals, we also added Sea Buckthorn Fruit, “the beauty berry of Asia.” The end result? Plum dandy. For treating dry, brittle or frizzy hair as well as parched skin, this is a seriously powerful and potent multitasking serum. 

Apply day and night to clean skin or hair. Use under makeup as a primer. Avoid eyes. To BIY, stir in the MIX-IN of your choice and apply. Always use dropper to measure ELIXIR. Never add tap/bottled water or MIX-IN Waters, Vinegars or Juices directly into bottle.

  1. Quick + Easy Blend (Makes one serving): In a small bowl, add ½ dropper of PLUM ELIXIR + 3 drops of a MIX-IN Extract, Essence or Oil. If using 2 MIX-INS, use 2 drops each. If using 3 MIX-INS, use 1 drop each. Discard leftovers.
  2. Choose up to 3 MIX-IN Essences or Extracts and add a total of no more than 70 drops to bottle. For a MIX-IN Oil, you may add up to 120 drops. Blend with wooden stir stick. The MIX-IN may alter the ELIXIR’s scent or color, so we recommend testing your blend first in a small bowl (1 serving) following the ‘Quick & Easy’ recipe above.

Note:  Our mini dropper bottle is equal to 140 drops or approximately 1 4/5 Tsp. If combining two MIX-INS, use 35 drops each. To BIY with 3 MIX-INS, use 20 drops each.


I'm convinced it's a miracle… it's totally changed my skin! How can I order more? I can't imagine living without it as part of my routine

- Tiffany

I love my LOLI products!

– Jeanie Jarnot, Founder, BEAUTY HEROES

We are so in love with it all! Especially how it's so good for you! Love love love

- Abby

I haven't done DIY skincare before LOLI, but am excited about it and need the whole gamut from washes to lotions. is it possible to buy more…

- Kim

I have noticed that my skin feels revived and youthful immediately after I use the mask and oils… my skin has a lovely glow and ageless quality!!! I highly recommend this product.

- Dr. Gabrielle Francis, Chiropractor, Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist

WOW! Truth be told, at first I wasn’t buying it. I’m a “on the go” pitta type who doesn’t have time to take time to blend, but I’m hooked.

- Brad, A Skincare Brand Owner

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