Mini Duo: Mini Tea Seed and Mini Date Nut Brûlée
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Mini Duo: Mini Tea Seed and Mini Date Nut Brûlée


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Experience the ultimate skincare duo, meticulously crafted to enhance and nurture your natural beauty.

Mini Tea Seed Elixir: Elevate your skincare experience with our Mini Tea Seed Serum, specially formulated for those exploring serums for the first time or managing combination skin. This Tea Seed blend stands as combination skin's newfound companion, offering gentle hydration that addresses blemishes and balances sebum production. The result is a radiant, glowy complexion that feels refreshed and balanced.

Mini Date Nut Miracle Balm: Dive into the multifaceted world of our Mini Date Nut Miracle Balm, a universal solution for your skincare needs. This all-in-one balm, rich with the nourishing power of dates, offers a comprehensive treatment that caters to your entire beauty routine. From hydrating parched skin to treating delicate areas, removing makeup effortlessly, and nourishing skin, lips, nails, and cuticles, this miracle balm does it all. Its versatile formula is a must-have for any skincare enthusiast looking for an all-encompassing product.


What is it?

This exquisite duo, featuring the Mini Date Nut Miracle Balm and Mini Tea Seed Serum, promises a holistic approach to skincare. Whether you're on the go or integrating these into your daily routine, they're poised to become essential elements of your beauty regimen. Embrace this curated combination for a truly radiant and nurtured complexion.